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If there is something I don’t tend to tire of, it is chinoiserie. Just when I think it’s feeling predictable and over done, I fall in love again. At this point, my feeling is chinoiserie designs are timeless and far too gorgeous to grow old. Over the years I’ve pretty much fearlessly embraced color and have learned I would rather take risks than be boring. Bailey’s home is featured in this month’s House Beautiful and it is far from bland. She beautifully covered her dining walls in a Zuber paper. (see the beautiful panels below) I also have a fondness for most things French. (including my heritage) so my love with chinois panels (that are often hand painted in France) runs deep. The only down side? The price tag! See the rest of Bailey’s exuberant home here

Ashley Whittaker used a gorgeous Chinoiserie panels in this fresh, cheerful dining room. Images via: House Beautiful 

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  1. Much brightly colorful wallpaper looks dated pretty quickly, but something about these looks more eternal. I saw something like this in some photos from the '60s. I think it was Lee Radizwill's apartment, but I could be mistaken. (I should have pinned it!!!)

  2. I have a very vintage wallpaper in my bedroom currently and when I first moved in, I needed furniture that would compliment the space. I ended up choosing a furnishing service called Furnishr ( and they knew exactly what I wanted. They were so easy to work with and my space is so beautiful now. Definitely check out some of their designs.

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