Feeling Festivius…..

Hello, Hello! I hope that you had a wonderful holiday. I had one of the best Christmases of my life. It’s been a banner year..not only did I meet my 2013 goal of buying my own home (I’m going to take a few sneak peek progress shots to share with you). I have also found true love. I guess the sun does rise after every storm!
I’ve learned after overcoming my own personal adversity as long as you and your loved ones have your (their) health, everything else has a way of working out….(it usually turns out even better)
I’m taking a few much needed days off. I spent a little down time this a.m. scanning pinterest and came across these festive photographs of Dallas Shaw’s home. I’ve also included a couple of inspirational decorative New Year’s Eve photos below!

3 thoughts on “Feeling Festivius…..”

  1. 4I have followed your story and am so impressed by the way you dealt with a difficult situation. You have truly kept things moving forward in a positive way for your family. I am sure there were challenges at times, but you hit the nail on the head by remembering that good health and the support of a loving family, are what matters most. Really glad you found love again, and that things keep looking up for you and your family! Happy New Year!!


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