“Eco”- Chic design

Maybe you can’t swing six chairs at once, find a classic {pictured: The Eames Eiffel Chair} and buy two at a time. They will never go out of fashion or business…I own two myself!
Look for art in unexpected places, garage sales, your parents basement etc.

Always layer: Old/New, Found objects/Store bought items, Matte/Shiny, Straight lines/Organic shapes…{I think you get the picture} everything will look more important.

Of course I’m all for green, earthy friendly, sustainable design, but the “eco” in this post title refers to “eco-nomical” and if it truly is a penny wise idea {there’s a good chance it’s pretty earth friendly}.
Not to be a downer, especially on a Monday morning, but if you haven’t been effected directly by the sour economy then you are very fortunate. I do believe that you can live beautifully on a budget. Here are some tips, inspiring photos, and creative ideas to help turn your house into the home you dream about.
* Never doubt what grandma may have in her attic…I have {or plan to} re-purpose some old, tired, not quite antique items of my own. A fresh can of paint and new fabrics can work wonders.
* Design your own art. Purchase a large canvas and some acrylic paints. You’ll be surprised what you are able to create with some effort…When all else fails, put the canvas on the floor and drip, splatter and stroke some paint on that baby, voila instant art = instant therapy.
* Art doesn’t need to be in the form of a painting or print. Vintage fabric pieces, framed fabric + wallpaper samples, and found objects in nature work very well hung or displayed ona table top.
* Simple but bold gestures go a long way…Don’t be afraid to paint a room, hang inexpensive drapes {think Ikea, West Elm etc.} or cover your sofa in a bright and cheery shade of something fabulous.

This home is full of fun ideas. I love the use and mix of color and textiles above.
The book shelves look both personal and casual, don’t use your shelves to house only books.

Collections, color, and layered textiles make a big impact.

The mix of old and new in this kitchen is refreshing, add clean, new cushions to an odd group of old chairs.

Create vignettes with found or inherited objects

Don’t be afraid to pop your space with color!

{I love this photo}
Short on storage? Add a functional coat tree to your hallway or foyer…believe it or not your continually rotated coats, hats and scarfs will add dimension, color and warmth to your space.
Images: top to bottom, Country Home, Sunset, (6) center images Elle Decor, 2006., Domino, Domino.

5 thoughts on ““Eco”- Chic design”

  1. I love this post! I know being eco-nomical is the cool thing to do now because of the economy, but I love the look you are talking about here! I think its so much more fun to shop in my grandparents or parents basement and find things to give new life too- plus it adds a great story to any piece. I love the mix of new and old together, and yes it is much better for the environment.

    Love this post, great ideas!

  2. Love it all! The dining table with the Eames chairs is exactly the plan for my dining room. (sadly, the chairs will be Ikea knock-off for now).

    Love the bench with the 4. The whole composition is lovely.

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