Dreaming of far away places…

 Okay, so I won’t even begin to complain about the additional two feet of snow we are getting today. It doesn’t help that it is piling on top of the 40″ we already have. I am house-bound and starting to go stir crazy!!  I can’t help but dream of Spring and far away places this morning. The only reason my post is this late is because Matty and I were outside shoveling…….

I’ve been to Europe and France a number of times but never to Paris. It, along with Capri are on the top of my wish list of places to visit….I love the architecture, refined designs and classically chic women of France. Here’s a bit of Parisian inspiration and prettiness. Hope it brightens your day….Enjoy!

Ralph’s in Paris – I could design an entire Patio inspired by this image.
Parisian interiors….

French women believe in purchasing wearable flattering staples in classic, neutral colors. Their closets tend to be paired down but their choices are refined…they mix and match almost all their clothing. French women purchase investments and stay away from seasonal trends. 

“You should dress to feel good, not show off,” Inès de la Fressange says. “It takes life to learn that.”

If you are looking for french fashion inspiration Ines de la Frssange is the perfect place to start..she is absolutely one of my fashion icons.

4 thoughts on “Dreaming of far away places…”

  1. I have been to Paris many many times but never Capri and now I have a friend who lives in Nice and that is where I want to go next. In the summer or maybe autumn.
    Buenos Aires is a wonderful combination of European and South American styles and the people are very nice .. very friendly.
    It is often called the Paris of South America.
    Much of the architecture is French. The parks and the rows of trees always brought Paris to mind.
    Now I am trapped in my house, looking out at several feet !!! of snow.
    I wish I were in Buenos Aires, where it is late summer. I would be muy contenta ..


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