The Director’s Chair

The director’s chair, is a humble but classic choice, many options can be found for under $100.00!  There are a ton of frame and canvas color selections too! The canvas covers can be thrown in the wash, so they’re vacation home and kid friendly! You can of course break the bank on this style too. The leather Hermes version price = $11,000. Yes, Crazy but true!
I love them as comfortable bar seats!

ABC carpet and home version

I also love a bamboo version purchase here.

Williams Sonoma Home
 Images: Lonny Mag, S.R. Gambrel, Vogue, Pinterest, as noted

11 thoughts on “The Director’s Chair”

  1. What a great trend… I really love the examples to purchase as well! The Hermes chair is out of control gorgeous– thanks for all of the beautiful inspiration!

  2. Awwww…. this was my first "real" desk chair, straight from IKEA 🙂

    Thank you for reminding me of a good time had in my first apartment! 🙂

    Northern Light Blog

  3. Julie you brought back memories of when the director chair was a big hit when I was young. My parents bought me a one with hot pink canvas for my bedroom. I think they are overlooked and would be comfortable bar stools. I think it's time to re-visit them again. They rank right up there with the iconic butterfly chair.

    Have a great weekend! Deb

  4. I love these chairs and have two in red at my house in Maine…they look great and are as classic as white shirts, blue jeans and Adirondack chairs!! :))


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