Designer Digs – Elie Saab

I love catching a sneak peek inside of designer’s homes. They usually don’t disappoint. I was viewing Elie Saab’s Spring couture collection and had remembered his beautiful homes …they are as stunning as his elegant fashions. So here’s a look into the Lebanese born, Parisian designer’s Parisian and Lebanon digs.. they both mix elegant with masculine, old with new.  The interplay of modern and classical architectural details are gorgeous. Both interiors were designed by Chakib Richani.
Elie and Claudine Saab’s Parisian home
I’ve been on a crystal chandelier kick lately..right now, I’m in search of the perfect fit for my dining room!
and in Beirut, Lebanon
one of my favorite looks from his Spring collection.
For more designer’s homes be sure to check out this month’s issue of Lonny, it’s loaded with inspiring images! Happy Birthday Lonny!

10 thoughts on “Designer Digs – Elie Saab”

  1. I loved everything (nothing is kept there to dislike anyways). But I am laready in love with that huge bedside lamp and branch with white flowers. Gonna check lonny as soon as my work is finished… I am at workk (SSSShhhhhhh)

  2. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous! I love his sense of drama in the interiors and so much beautiful candle light. These spaces must be spectacular at night!

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