Deck the Mantel!

Holla! I’m running a bit behind with my holiday decorating this year…..I hope to finish up my mantel tonight or maybe tomorrow night. I’m trying not to drink wine on Monday and Tuesdays..There is something about the holiday season that makes you feel slightly like a glutinous lush, no?? I am thinking I will need a glass of wine in hand to take on the project with two kids under foot!

I’ve rounded up some inspiration today…I’ve included ideas for the traditionalist, the modernist and everyone in between. Did you happen to see Jenny’s mantel on the Domino website? Loved it… (where does this lady find the time??) I actually had the privilege of working with Jenny on a design challenge once. Our ideas meshed well, she’s great!

Jenny’s mantel and a slew of others…

For the young at heart
For the naturalist

For the modernist

For the traditionalist

For the purist

For the glamrous

For the hipster

For the country lover

For the diy-er

For the transitionalist

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