Decisions, decisions

Isn’t this a great idea?? If you have the extra space {or closet} why not convert it into a dressing nook? I would also add drawers for all my baubles, bags and scarfs. I love the framed couture fashion bags too. {which I’d better frame, because I can’t say that I can afford much from Hermes or Prada.} How cute would this look painted a light shade of pink or better yet wallpapered in something simple but glamorous. I’ve been slowly transforming my bedroom into a feminine retreat. I can’t wait to share the finished shots but for today I have a question. I have a white lacquered tray, and plan to collect my perfume and creams in it.  I usually only own one or two fragrances at a time. I’m looking to make some fresh changes in my life, so buying a new fragrance seemed like a no-brainer to me, {especially because my husband gave me the one I currently use} turns out it isn’t. Here are three of the contenders below. I actually wear Hanae Mori now. It has a very clean scent. I know fragrances are quite personal but I’m stuck, and thought who better to ask then my fabulous readers, so what is your favorite fragrance? 

Burberry – Sheer

Top Image via: Moth Design

16 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions”

  1. that's so weird. i saw someone had made a collage out of their shopping bags on another blog just yesterday! i like the individual frames much better! such a cute idea.


  2. I love the framed bags! I definitely think it would look perfect in my closet. I haven't tried any of the scents you posted but I will. I love a clean smelling scent.

  3. I love Gucci Rush (the original not the 2). It is very sexy. Also, love Lovely by SJP. Very light and summery. Good Luck!

  4. Sounds like I need to try Hermes, Iris. Also, in case you didn't know, Sephora will make up a little sample of any perfume for you. This way you can test drive it first!! Thanks for the suggestions..
    I will let you know what I decide on.

  5. I have a little Chanel bag that I must do like this..perfect, and of course Chanel #5 …well sometimes I cheat and use Escada yumm, this is my first time to your blog and I love it!

  6. Thanks for sharing the image of my closet and for the link love. I had to share… one of my all time fave scents is Hermes Eau de Marveilles. (think that's how it's spelled) Buy the perfume at the right store and you'll get an Hermes bag to frame too! xo Erica


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