Daniel Webster Estate – Holiday Showhouse

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to transform a room at a local historic estate into an “enchanted dream” bedroom for a little girl. My concept was to create a magical space that a young child would dream of awaking to on Christmas morning. This was all “pretend” for the holiday show house, of course. The Christmas tour was open for one week and was a great success, fun experience and my way to give back to the community. 
My daughter, Emerson, has requested all of the white animals I purchased for her room. (I don’t blame her).  Please feel free to contact me for any sources and Shelter is also available to decorate your home next holiday season if you’d like!! (We also made all of the holiday flower arrangements) I created the design on a budget and had to retain the antique furniture that was existing in the space. I trucked in all of the other goodies and used a mix of vintage and new items. The room looked magical at night because I had lots of little white lights. I’ll share a peek from my iphone of the candy station I had set up in the glass cabinet. Thank you to my Mom, Dad, Matty and Lindsey for all of your help on this project!! My Mom can make a bow like nobody’s business!!!  Also, a huge thank you and big hugs to all of my blog followers who made the trip out to enjoy the Christmas tour. It was a pleasure to meet you! Photos by: Patti Anne Photography

** I have have included some of the sources in the comments section. Some of my Instagram readers asked about the bench as well. This is something I can have made for you in any velvet color. Please inquire for a quote if interested. Thanks!!!

Here is a shot of the room before I started:

Daniel Webster Estate

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  1. Thank you! It looked magical at night and I also had an entire piece filled with candy and little white trees. I'll need to share a shot of that from my iphone. The green bench is actually something I had made!! I would be happy to price one out for you. The green velvet was from Schumacher. The angel wings are from Michaels!

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