Curb Appeal

 It is an understatement to say that I am dying to get out and work on my yard! I always enjoy planting new flowers and re-freshening the front of my house. I think this year I am going to keep it simple and go with two planters and two boxwoods. I may even go so crazy as to plant a few flowers around the boxwoods! Here is some planter curb appeal inspo and a planter round-up. I like the idea of zinc, ceramic or wood versions. I steered away from the $600 + planters..Yikes! These are all pretty budget conscious. I am personally leaning towards #4 – without the wood stand or #6.

1/2/3/4 – sans the stand!!/5/6/7

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  1. Love, love, LOVE! I'm actually in the process of making some big ones like in the second picture to flank my front door; even though mine will have huge ferns in them, there just is nothing more classic than beautiful boxwoods. Great roundup!

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