Cozy Down

Via Aerin Lauder – Instagram (that chair!! All her homes are just such a treat for the eyes!)
There is no denying that winter has arrived here in Boston, with the temperatures hovering around 18 degrees today, I’ve been doing everything I can to keep warm, stay happy and save my skin! Besides these using staples, I enjoy  survive the winter by building great big fires at home, exercising indoors, skiing with my friends and kiddies, drinking red wine and trying new soup recipes…I have about three books to finish up too! I would love to add visiting a warm destination to my list, we shall see if that happens this year! Stay warm! xx

Sweatshirts – I love the idea of wearing chic sweatshirts that you can dress up or down. A plus side to having your own work space is that I can dress as I please and only need to dress up if I am working with a client or heading out to shop! I live in cozy tops and jeans on my “office days’. Buy this Joie one here.

A down jacket – I invest in a new down jacket every few years. They get lots of use and I can usually find one I love. The longer versions like this do a great job at keeping you warm. I’ll splurge on a Canadian Goose Down someday!! Find this one here.

Faux fur blankets – I could have one of these in each room. I cuddle up with soft blankets and a cup of tea when I watch a great movie.

Face balm – My skin feels VERY dry this year. I just bought this last night. My dear friend Sarah works with them and introduced me to all their wonderful products.

Vanicream – I bought this body cream for my son when he was a baby…I am still using it and ordered a new tub last night! I slather it on when I get out of the shower..It is unscented and does wonders for dry skin.

Boots! – You can’t live in New England without warm boots. I am torn on buying these Moon boots or your classic Sorels!

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