Counting down…

Good Morning! So if you live North of Manhattan you’ll know exactly where I’m coming from when I say, by early March I am VERY over the cold weather! Bostonians can’t help but repeat this phrase daily to one another right around NOW!  I went to college in Maryland, so I know the grass starts to turn green down there any day now. I miss having a southern spring!

The warm weather hasn’t arrived quite yet in Boston, but I can dream and scheme about it. To brighten my day and yours I thought I’d ease into the week with a fashion post. I’m counting the days until I can wear open toes, carry a light bag and feel the warm sun on my face! It hasn’t shined here in days!

The outfit pictured could take me from a design meeting to cocktails! It’s a simple layered look and is really all about mixing the idiosyncrasies of texture and pattern! It’s classic with an edge,  just the way I like things! Navy, emerald and aqua make a fabulous color combination!

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  1. hey i am just curious–is there a website that helps you to make these inspiration boards, im trying to make one for my sister to see if a rug will look good with her new teal sofa. thanks!!


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