Cottage Love #41

I love two things about this post! First, “Cottage Love” is one of my favorite series to write and share on Shelter. I try to look for not only cottages but homes that have an intimate, beautifully decorated, attainable style.

Secondly, I love to see first hand how something as simple as a fresh paint color, a different furniture floor plan and a few updated accessories can completely transform a room and home. The southern raised interior designer and artist William McClure reminds me of traditional masters such as Billy Baldwin. His dynamic designs are filled with new and old pieces, found objects and a carefully honed modern and classic art collection. These elements all come together to create a unique, individual approach that feels as if it has evolved over time. Featured today is his home. Although, it is an apartment it feels as though it’s a free standing house and absolutely has a cottage feel and flair. William is also an artist, you can see his work on his website. Be sure to take a peek at the same living room in a bold shade of red. It’s amazing how the same room can look so different when you change the wall color.
His home is beautifully styled. I myself love to create vignettes within the rooms I design. William has done the same….

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