Cottage Love #33

Eye candy, inspiration and a bit of design advice, I honestly hope you hop on my blog for those and an occasional tip, because in the end we all need an escape from the daily grind. That is precisely why I share my cottage love series. If I could make the world a happier (more functional) place with my posts and interior designs, well then I have I’ve succeeded professionally. I’ve mentioned my love of laid back luxe. I often hear similar requests from my clients who live in both very large and small homes: “we want it to be inviting and not too serious”, “chic but laid back”, “practical but beautiful”. I love my job and helping each and every one of them. I’m off to the Design Center today but first I want to share a fabulous home. I happened across the Bell’s Malibu beach cottage this morning, designed by Windsor Smith, it is all that and lots more. I love southern California style and have been trying to bring a touch of the aesthetic to my own home.

The casual vibe of beach living and the warm summer days are calling my name. For more beautiful photos and info on this home visit C-Home.

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