Cottage Love #30!!

How appropriate that Michelle Adam’s wonderful home is my 30th house featured on my “Cottage Love” series. As you know, every abode I share in this series is not necessarily a cottage but a “smallish” home that embodies comfort, creativity and a curated look and feel. I’ve long been an admirer of Michelle’s distinctive style and discerning eye. She was a previous editor at Domino Magazine and Michelle recently moved from NYC to her home state of Ann Arbor, Michigan. I can relate to her desire to live closer to family, her need to put down roots and her wish to buy and refinish her own home! Congratulations Michelle, beautifully done!! Every good design has a cohesive plan behind it. Michelle took her inspiration from Michele BOnan’s hotel, the J.K. Place Capri. (it is absolutely on my bucket list of places to visit)

Michelle says: “It’s my favorite place on earth, so I wanted my home to feel that way every day.” 

I am sure you have seen her home featured on other blogs this week but I just HAD to share it..From my few interactions with Michelle, she seems like a kind person. She is certainly one talented “lady”, that’s for sure!!!! All images via House Beautiful. Photos by: Beatriz Da Costa. Follow Michelle on Insta here!

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