Cottage Love #24

So… Most of you have seen my little ranch. (We have done quite a bit of work since this photo – I will share an update soon)  After my divorce, my goal was to buy a small home near the beach for my kids and I. I’ve been slowly (as I can) fixing it up!! It is pretty close to finally being finished. I need to add some finishing touches, purchase a few pieces of furniture, revamp a bathroom shower, rework a three season room, paint the exterior. I basically re-did the entire home. This list may seem long, but to me, the end is in sight!

I’m always excited when I come across another small”ish” home. I love larger, beautiful homes but I couldn’t buy one for a number of reasons, plus the upkeep would have killed me. I also find smaller homes cozy and inviting.

This month’s Better Homes and Gardens shares an adorable cottage bungalow in California. ( you know how I feel about Cali and right about now I wish I lived there!)

Chelsea and Greg Shukov own this adorable home. Chelsea also co-owns the fabulous stationery shop, Sugar Paper  – Los Angeles.  The interior designer that helped with the project was: Leslie Hunt.

The article specifically highlights a “live-in” kitchen area. The square footage shown encompasses a kitchen, family room and eating area. When living in a smaller home, each zone needs to be well planned out. I think they have done a beautiful job! The white washed vaulted ceilings really help this home feel more spacious.

Here is the “before shot” of my unfinished three season porch. All winter it ended up being more of a dumping ground since it was far too cold to sit out there. I plan to paint the room (if it ever warms up) and all of the woodwork a warm white color. I’ll add more pillows and a new light fixture too. I would like to eventually winter-ize the room by adding heat, all new windows, a new wall to wall seagrass rug and french doors. I will probably try to raise the ceiling too. After those design changes it will be used as a small family room. I certainly could use the extra living space! 
** I’ll be sure to share the updates. (I can’t convert the entire room yet) 😉

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  1. I am moving , as soon as my house here in NY sells. I am going South. I am eating up all House related images, trying to imagine decorating in a land where it does not snow and where the sun shines most of the time. It will be a lovely experience. I am keeping some of these images for my reference in the future 🙂


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