Cottage Love #15 – Beach Chic!

I’ve long admired designer David Netto’s aesthetic, with Fall in full swing I’m really turning my thoughts and time inward, both literally and figuratively. I’m focusing on my home and have a goal to finish the entire interior before Christmas!! Fingers crossed!
This David Netto designed water front home is perfection! I love the use of wood and paint. Paint is a wonderful way to transform your home, even on a smaller budget. Here, David has done so masterfully with his color choices and strategies.  The painted floors, ceilings and interior of the bookshelves look divine. I also love the use of whitewashed/bleached flooring. I actually have a floor being re-done as we speak for a client right this week! We are having the floors sanded and white washed. I also have a decorative painter coming in to paint an octagonal pattern over an area! I’m so excited to see the outcome!! Eek!
These blue floors are fabulous!!

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