Clean + Classic

As much as I am a color freak, I still LOVE a clean black and white home. I think it works best with classically modern interiors. A number of these images are second homes {nice life right?} yeah maybe if I ever have a second home I’ll give the classic black and white look a shot, at least in one the meantime I’ll keep dreaming!

Fashion definitely can’t miss with black and white.
images: Douglas Friedman, Turquoise L.A., Elle Decor, via Porch Light Interiors, Chanel, Douglas Friedman, Douglas Friedman

29 thoughts on “Clean + Classic”

  1. Its not often that I like every single picture featured in a post but Clean + Classic is an exception. All of the photos get a 'yes please' from me. Well done and thanks for sharing.

  2. I am a huge fan of the black and white kitchen, but in black and white square-tile-floor kind of way. I have always loved the white marble island with black cabinets and black marble with white cabinets combo. So classic, but sophisticated!

  3. I wish I had a second house to play with and do things I would not normally do in my everyday house. Actually, I wish I had just one house to even start 🙂

  4. Love all of these. Black and white is perennially chic, but I really love the first image, where it's paired with the lovely natural fibre rug – perfection!
    Kerri x

  5. Everything is lovely here! (Why I have not visited before is beyond me..)

    The staircase image made me scroll back. Not because of the stairs but because of the chic lady on the bench. Love her whole outfit – yes Hunter boots and everything!

    ox, Mon

  6. I adore that kitchen! Do you think they'd mind if I moved into it.:o)

    I also love the top sitting room. I think the whole room would have taken on a different feeling if they hadn't added the scallops to the bottom of the couch and chair. It gives it such a warm touch. I want to climb onto the couch with a great book. Simply beautiful!

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