I’m not too keen on freezing my tail off, there’s really nothing fun about winter. {esp. this winter} With the exception of skiing on a perfect sunny, fresh powder day or the first fresh snow I’d take our three other seasons any-day. I’m surviving this especially long winter with small projects. I can’t drop a ton of cash on large renovations nor do I plan on staying in this current house for too long so instead I’m working on small projects that can easily come with me! {besides a little painting}. Next up: organizing my jewelry collection. I love both ideas shown here, but I might opt for hiding some of my treasures in a small vintage table, and the rest on top of my dresser {away from curious, tiny hands}. I adore the coral, tray and bust idea in Susanna Salk’s house, shown above.. via Rue Magazine
Ikea also sells lucite trays with dividers, that may do the trick!
Top Photo: Vogue

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