Cement tile a la Tom Scheerer…….

I’m running around like crazy trying to button up all my busy biz work before I jet off to the Bahamas on Thursday! I thought it would be apropos to share a couple of Tom Scheerer’s Bahamian kitchens. He resides there part of the year and also designed some of the public spaces at Lyford Cay Club. Long before Pinterest I had these images torn out of my favorite design magazines! (One of these kitchens is in Florida but really who is keeping track)…Besides the limed oak (still obsessed) I love, love, love the walls of cement tile. I MUST do this soon someplace! I swear once I finish my home the way I want it, I’ll be itching to do another! Cement tiles will be in order some place. Here are three sources for cement tiles. one, two, three.

2 thoughts on “Cement tile a la Tom Scheerer…….”

  1. Yes indeed, Tom Scheerer loves our cement tile and we work closely with Tom and all his staff on both his US and his Bahamas projects.

    He often uses pastels but also some bold blue and white sometimes.

    We named this tile "Scheerer" since it was a custom mold for them. This cane-work pattern can be ordered in any of 80+ colors of course.

    We frequently tell clients that it is much classier to continue the tile across the wall adjacent to the kitchen backsplash than to end the tile dead-end at the edge of the cabinets. Tom's photos make this so clear.

    Thanks for mentioning us and the link back to our site.
    Lundy Wilder…Villa Lagoon Tile… Owner/Designer

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