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Stylistically my tastes are sort of all over the place. This mind set affects both my wardrobe and my home selections. I tend to stay very focused while creating and devising concepts for my clients. I of course throw their designs off a bit with unexpected patterns and textures and my client’s actually appreciate being pushed out of their comfort zone a little. (key word being “little”) but for myself, I like to experiment. One day I may feel a little Boston preppy, the next coastal chic, the next slightly bohemian. I think the strongest designs blend a few styles seamlessly. Today I’m feeling California Cool. I read this weekend that January 23rd is supposedly the most depressing day of the year. I’m not sure if that’s true or not but the rainy, raw weather, certainly doesn’t help. No complaints here, I’ll take this winter over last year any day!!
Today I’m drawn to fresh, warm, colorful styles, that use both modern and classic elements. The two homes below are from CA home + design magazine. The first space is by designer Vanessa De Vargas

I’m loving these Ikat throws at the end of the bed!
AND  the second was created by interior designer Chloe Warner
beautiful door design

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  1. I love those California Modern homes.
    I have a friend who lives in California and he owns an Eichler house .. which he has restored and made perfect .. I sometimes daydream of having a home like this rather than my typical dream house- antique and stately .. or French 🙂
    besitos, C


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