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I go to bed early during the week, borderline “granny” (no insult to grandmothers, my Mom actually stays up quite late) early. I learned when I had my kids to catch some rest when you can. On the flip side, I am up right after the birds and if go to bed by 9:30, I feel refreshed. I take this time to scroll through my creative accounts. Insta and Pinterest are always on standby. This is also the time, I gather a sh*t load of inspiration for my work.  My house is calm and quiet and I’ve grown to count on these peaceful moments.

I’ve always been intrigued by and drawn to creative types and if LA were closer, I’d most likely move there. My style of dress and interior design ideas (and personality for that matter) tend to marry the East coast with the West coast. A little bit buttoned up with an overall laid back vibe. A colorful preppy, monogrammed bag with frayed jeans, navy trimmed drapes paired with limed wood floors, you get the picture. Anyway, this a.m. I was on Jenni Kayne’s blog and stumbled on Lela Becker’s laid back home in L.A. These images and this environment gives you a sense of how it would feel to actually live there. It’s much like her brand MOTHER, a 70’s vibe with modern touches..Being a child of the 70’s and 80’s myself, I can relate. It feels like a tree house floating above the city, the lofted ceiling and windows make you feel like you are outdoors when you are in. See Lela’s interview here. Sharing a little canyon coolness below…

“Mother is a 70’s girl trapped in a modern world” 

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