By the Sea

I signed my son up for surf camp today. My kids both love the ocean, skimboarding and swimming. We are lucky enough to have the coolest little surf shop here in town. Besides balancing work, my family is all about a casual lifestyle during the summer. It includes sandy feet, the surf, beaching it, boating and fun with family and friends.

My interior design and fashion sense often leans towards (especially for me) Malibu meets Nantucket. So I was thrilled to see the modern but organic Venice beach home of high fashion swim designer Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves of Marysia Swim. You can find her fabulous home in this month’s issue of Arch. Digest. Marysia had the help of designer Martha Mulholland. The duo sourced most of the home’s furniture, lighting and accessories locally. The LA area is a designer’s dream! (lucky them). I like the organic mix and I especially loved the kid spaces for her children. 

Here is a peek at some of Marysia’s designs:
Purchase here 

Purchase this suit here

I love this relaxed Maxi dress 
Bumby suit 

Printed Bumby suit 

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