By the sea

I’m back in business with my own computer and software today! (whoo hoo). I was feeling lost for a few days without my digital world at my finger tips. It is, no joke, about a zillion degrees in Boston today. It seems every year we go from 60 to 99 in a few days and we northerners are never really prepared for the shock of the temperature shift. I am not complaining, but a few 80 degree days would be fabulous! 

I am sitting in the AC and was delighted to come across The Glow’s site. The Glow, an intimate diary and stylish guide about motherhood and all it’s glory and heartache was co-founded by Violet Gaynor and Kelly Stuart. It documents both the struggles and joy with Kelly’s beautiful photographs and Violet’s warm words. Today, I am sharing the airy, lighthearted images of Kelly Sawyer Patricof, their beautiful Malibu beach house and Kelly’s adorable daughters.  See the additional photographs and the story here. Kelly is a former model and co-founder of the non-profit Baby2baby. 

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