{LACK before – coming soon – LACK after}

Like most interior designers {or design/home obsessed individuals} I never have enough storage for all my “stuff”.. tear sheets, books, client binders, pretty things..So I purchased the ever-useful, affordable LACK book case from Ikea last week. I’m so excited to set it up, organize and display my objects. {pictures to come soon}. What I really love though, is manipulating dead space for floor to ceiling built in book cases! Here are a few favorites.

I know this is a bit of the “book” subject, but I don’t know a woman {or stylish} man who doesn’t need extra space for shoes + bags!

Images: Domino, Kelly Wearstler, Cookie, Design Sponge

6 thoughts on “BOOK WORM..”

  1. Last week I was watching Sarah Richardson on Design, Inc. who made the statement (hope I heard it correctly?) that she "didn't like bookcases". I was shocked! I adore them & think they give a room such character & history when often it's missing just that. I love the bathroom idea as well. Never can have too much space for those treasured items!

  2. I am very excited to see what you do with your LACK! I feel as though there are many quality pieces at Ikea that just have not quite reached their full potential.


    Rebecca June

  3. If anything book cases are functional. I don't like having books all over the house and for my design business a book case/shelf is a MUST for fabrics etc. esp. with a two year old running around. I agree with you and could never part with my design books.

  4. ohh, yeah! Post pictures soon, I have the same issue. Plus, with the organization of the BF's office I could use all the storage advice I can get.

    I cant wait to see them!

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