Birthday wishes……

Happy Wednesday! I’ve been a busy lady. I had an install yesterday, it went very well, eek!!
The client has been amazing to work with and their home is beautiful.
I designed a number of custom pieces and I was thrilled with how they turned out. One in particular is fabulous. I’ll share the image of it tomorrow!

I don’t usually mention my birthday on my blog, but I did want to share my b-day wish list and thoughts with you today!

Here it goes:

1. I’m always thankful for another year, yes sometimes, turning a year older hurts but I’m blessed in so many ways…I’m thankful for my health and all I have including my wonderful children, boyfriend, family and friends!
2. I’m very thankful for my clients and blog readers, without you, I wouldn’t have a thriving business or blog! So merci, merci!! xx
3. I’m also thankful for my partnership with ACE hardware and the crew I work with on a daily basis!
4. I feel very fortunate to own my little house – now it’s time to finish it!!!
5. And finally here is my wish list…I’ll be buying a few of these goodies for myself. I’m pretty thoughtful about my purchases, for me, that has come with maturity. (a plus to growing older) If I’ve been pining over an item for days or even weeks, there is a pretty good chance it’ll make it into my shopping cart!

1. I need a new smaller bag. I often carry a work bag to appointments and for work travel so I prefer a bag that will fit nicely inside my work tote. I like the simplicity of this Loeffler Randal choice.
2. I’ve always wanted a Cartier tank watch!! That option isn’t in the budget right now, but I do like this version. Watch link: Shop bop, 25% off your order with the code: FAMILY25
3. I try to buy classic pieces with a little twist…I’m loving this versatile sweater. I can dress it up or down.
4. I’ve mentioned my love of comfy loafers. I fly around town in comfy shoes and pink is one of my favorite colors. (these are available in a number of shades)
5. I’ve been agonizing over what style sofa to purchase for my living room. I think I’ve settled on a simple, clean lined tuxedo look. I would like to cover it in either linen or velvet. This new Serena and Lily option is pretty handsome! 😉
6. I’m ordering these beauties today!! The Dior knockoff from Bauble bar. I’ll live in them!

I have the privilege of sharing my birthday with my father! Happy Birthday, DAD!!! xoxoxo

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