Before and After!

I’m FINALLY almost done with my home. (This is NOT my home)  Thanks for hanging on with me!! I was working with my single Mama budget and you know how the rest goes. I focus on my client’s homes and projects before mine.

I am having it photographed this December… My before and after photos will be pretty exciting to share! I also have another idea I am toying with today. So stay tuned for that news this Spring!! (fingers crossed)

With all of that said. This home’s before photos were/are a little reminiscent of how my home looked – dated!! I LOVE perusing and sharing before and after images. I came across a fun one today via Country Living of designer Sara Story’s sister’s home in Connecticut. Photos are by Melanie Acevedo (a fave photographer of mine)

5 thoughts on “Before and After!”

  1. That very nice bathroom sink was the sink we had in Buenos Aires. We gutted a grand old apartment and put in a new modern kitchen and bath. The rest stayed early 1900s … I wish I were there now 🙂

  2. Congratulations 🙂 I'm sure your new house looks wonderful, because you did a great job and put in a lot of effort into designing of your home space.
    This before / after pictures are amazing, I enjoy watching such photos and admire the work and changes done. Thanks for sharing!

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