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I am so excited to share this news with you all!! As you know here at Shelter I have my own interior design firm and lifestyle blog. I love, love, love sharing creative ideas, interior design moments, gardening, purchases, my own home, fashion and finally beauty products with you! My blog and reading others has not only been a huge source of inspiration for me but proved to be very therapeutic during my painful divorce and an amazing learning experience.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a very important part of my life and as most of you know, I have had some recent skin cancer scares that have resulted in surgery and now scars. Healthy skin and beauty products are a huge part of my daily routine, so I was thrilled when my dear friend Sarah introduced me to the Beautycounter brand a little over a year ago. I agree with their mission 100% and have decided to join the team as a consultant and spread the word about the importance of using healthy beauty products and makeup, not only for myself and you but for our children and environment!! I have tried a number of the products over the pass year and I am loving the way my skin looks and feels.
Today I’m sharing some information about this fast growing company and my favorite products. Everything I have used works wonderfully..I am also thrilled to make a difference and get safe products in the hands of everyone!

Gregg Renfrew is the founder of Beautycounter. Read all about their important mission here
They have a pop up shop for the rest of the summer in Nantucket. I hope to visit this September!!
 Here are some of my favorites so far and best sellers:

1. The nourishing cream cleanser. I use this in the am and pm to wash my face!
2. This wonderful charcoal mask draws out impurities and refines and smooths skin.
3. The rose water spray is so refreshing and instantly gives my tired skin a refresher. I’m packing this for my trip to Chicago this week.
4. The skin tinting foundation cream is light but has great coverage. 
6. I use the cleansing balm not only to wash my face but during the colder months I slather it on my face as a deep hydrating treatment. It’s amazing!
7. Eye cream is a daily must at my age.. 😉 
8. Sun block that is free of all the harmful chemicals and hormone disruptors.
9. The oils: Something else I swear by these days. There are three available or purchase in the set here. (the newest oils have names not numbers)
10. Hair conditioner. I need a deep conditioner with my wavy, thick hair. This one does the trick!

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