beauty for your baubles

I adore these vintage looking dishes and own a couple myself, keep an eye out for them at yard sales this summer!!
Hello All. I REALLY hope to move this Fall. I’m going to make it happen! I’ve been organizing and purging around here. It feels great to get rid of bags of old clothes and a basement full of grad. school art projects that I haven’t looked at in eight years. It’s cathartic! I’m having a bit of an overwhelming week and could use an extra a few hours in the day lately! I spent late last night organizing and going through my jewelry. It’s a bit of an addiction, I love fun costume baubles, I always have and now that they’re trending, I really need to hold back on buying too many! Little porcelain trays are the perfect place to organize the baubles you wear the most often! Here are a few of my faves…Well I’m off, my two year old is squirming in my lap right now…..hence the short blog post. I’m trying to enjoy my little ones during this hectic time, I know they’ll be in school full time before I know it! 

These are adorable! Available here

I own this one from Furbish in black, white and gold and LOVE it!

All other dishes via C Wonder

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  1. Love it! These are all gorgeous. Lately I've been using bowls from Anthropolgie for my jewelry, but I will look for some pretty trays now.

    It's so hard when kids are little. They really demand so much of you. It does get easier. Mine are 10 & 13 now and I have a lot more time to myself, but I miss those sweet little years.


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