Back to School..

so I started back to teaching an interior design course yesterday, it got me thinking how excited I used to be about back to school shopping as a kid! I could use a bit of Fall back to school shopping myself. I’m finding the Fall trends very lovely! 😉 Here’s my “wish list” round up!
Have a fabulous weekend!

The 60’s trend, clean, feminine and classic. I love this entire look, the pinned up loose locks, the chunky pink pearls, the fitted nubby sweater with a tweed skirt, timeless! First on my list= fitted nubby sweater – need to find a non-itchy version though!

another feminine moment, love how the boots give this outfit an edge. Second on my list = ankle boots!image: Fashion Gone Rogue by Arthur Elgort

Something with a bit of leopard, I’m thinking either clutch or a hat {see post here}

A camel trench, camel boots, camel gloves and belt {you get the picture}! Thank you! {oh and to fit back into my skinny jeans – working on the post – baby belly + legs}
I love the sophistication of a streamlined black outfit! I’ve got the pant and kitten heals covered. I’d love a new black blazer or jacket! {right photo} I love Jenna’s entire outfit, this is realistically sort of what I dress like during the Fall. I saw a knock off of her vest and I am absolutely buying it.. it was a steal at only $65.00!
I’ve got some great wide legged pants from years ago, I always loved them so I held on to them..breaking them out this Fall!{like I said working on that baby belly}
and finally a bit of military – this trend re-appears time and time again. I LOVE Gweneth’s jacket and STYLE!

My rule is ” don’t bring anything in, without taking something out!” Can you imagine getting a glimpse into Rachel’s closet? Insane I’m sure! Sometimes I love her look, sometimes not so much!and for the kiddies…a bit of inspiration. {love it when kids look like children, not adults}

image: DustJacketAttic, noted, Jimmy Choo, via Dress Design Decor, via CocoandKelly, ?,Habitually Chic, Crewcuts, Kayce Hughes, Littlelids

7 thoughts on “Back to School..”

  1. 1. i have ankle boots but never wear with skirts b/c i'm short and makes me look aweful!
    2. LOVE leapoard pops (shoes, bags)
    3. dying for a Burberry trench!
    4. love all black outfits, i'm always in them!
    5. LOVE wide legs pants with heels!

    and the kids are ADORABLE! – i LOVE kids in LAYERS of clothes!

  2. I am SO with you on the wide legged pants dilemma! I have several pairs clogging up my wardrobe – including the most AMAZING high waisted ones from a Prada sample sale. However, they're all hanging in wait for the baby bump to disappear, which considering my youngest are twins age 6 may never happen. I live in hope – maybe it is time to start channelling the hourglass 60's after all! LOVE your images and blog. xx

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