Art I’m loving

A huge part of my job entails discovering fabrics, finishes, furniture, and found objects for my design projects but one of my favorite items to source for my clients is artwork. I constantly discover new artists and feel I’ve become pretty good at honing in on a style or feel that will not only suit my client’s interiors, and lifestyle but their personality. Artwork infuses a space with soul! I am also all for client’s choosing their own pieces, because let’s face it, most art is subjective.  I do however often find that most of my clients are over whelmed by the process and decision! 
Here are a couple of artists I recently discovered:
1. The painted canvases are by Michelle Armas and are available through Big Cartel.
2. The vibrant floral photographs are by Julia Lynn – I would love to see these blown up to a larger then life size.

8 thoughts on “Art I’m loving”

  1. Beautiful art and photos Julie – it is exciting to find great art and be excited by it…it always lends a personal touch to a space…thanks for sharing these! :))

  2. I always look at art as I might see it first thing in the morning. If it is jarring at all that would be the time. I find your third pic down the one I could live with best.

  3. Ohhhh…beautiful artworks

    So right, it does give space a soul. So inspirational. Makes me want to have a canvas and colors and start painting right now!

    I had bookmarked your blog, and for good reasons, I'm reminded now. Lots of photos to love and get inspired by.



  4. Julie, thank you for featuring me on your blog! The flowers do look great printed large, I have the bottom peony photograph in my living room blown up quite big and I love it. Thank you, great blog! Julia

  5. I have seen the Julia Lynn peony blown up larger than life, and it is amazing! Her other photos are awesome in large scale too. I have some of her interior prints blown up big (30 x 40 or so) and framed, and the colors and light captured in them are incredible.


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