Another project + I would love your help!

Your basic sunbrella fabric

Brighter Turquoise

If an interior designer isn’t working on someone else’s projects, {he or she} is usually in the throws of a personal creative venture. Back in July as a rookie blogger, I did one of my first posts on the chair below. I found these on my way to the beach one day. I screamed to my husband “stop the car”. This isn’t a rare occurrence in our lives, as I often find myself picking up stranger’s castaways. None the less, he still thinks I’m out of my mind.

I loved the bamboo detailing of these tired chairs. The bottom photo is what they originally looked like. I have since painted one glossy black and now need to choose an outdoor fabric for all seven of them.

That’s where you come in!! I can’t decide what to do. My choices are above. I love the idea of doing a simple solid turquoise, or maybe even yellow but apart of me thinks the quirky bright green bird print might be fun!! {The website touts it as being very “high-end”, whatever that means in the outdoor fabric world – softer I guess} WHAT DO YOU THINK? Oh and these fabrics are all well priced, I don’t want to spend a fortune on fabric. I look forward to your thoughts!

20 thoughts on “Another project + I would love your help!”

  1. I too love the bird print, but I would be concerned about fading and stains over time. Those white birds may not be white for long and the contrast with the green may not keep its ‘pop’. I like the brighter turquoise for a good everyday outdoor chair color, very classic.

  2. Hi. I suggest the bright turquoise. Not only will it “pop” against the black, but I think the bird print will compete with the diamonds created by the caning on the back of the chairs. That will make them busy to look at. Just my opinion. Awesome find!

  3. OK, how about doing the seats in the pattern and removable little skirts in the solid yellow? Just an idea…by the way, my friends think I’m too colorful. lol so you may not want to take my advice.

  4. Hey Julie,
    I like the birds b/c I think a pattern would look great with the chairs lines. (Hey, I still have 4 yds of the aqua chevron left over if you’re interested)

  5. Too funny, I just posted a chair/fabric issue today as well! I love the yellow fabric, but with the black is that too bumble bee? If thats the case I would go with the brighter turquoise- I love that color!

    What a great find BTW, I wish I found things like that around my house.

  6. Thanks for your comments everyone. I’m still torn between the birds and the bright turquoise. I think I may order a sample of each and see how I like them. I’m also thinking if I do the turquoise that I may have to throw a black and white stripe on a bench cushion! I’ll keep you posted!


  7. Hi Julie,
    I would lean toward the bird fabric. The color would almost be neutral as there is so much green in the great outdoors, yet unique at the same time with the birds. And it seems more versatile when setting your table for summer gatherings- you could use any number of color schemes and floral arrangements. I don’t think it competes with the chair back and, as for fading, every color is going to have that possibility when exposed to sun. Also, unless your stains are the same color as the fabric, which is highly unlikely, every fabric has the potential to show stains. But if the fabric is washable, you can always remove and clean the seats. And keeping the cost down is a great idea because you can always switch out the fabric when it shows wear or you tire of it. Good luck !

  8. I love them all but if it was me, I would go for the bright yellow..looks beautiful with blue and white(when you set your table, or with an umbrella nearby) and you could really mix it up.. and it will fade well. I love how yellow pops with a fabulous green yard.
    The chairs are a great find.. my girlfriend has an uncanny ability to find those treasures and turn them into beautiful items.. Good luck with your choice.. at the end of the day, you cant go wrong with any of them!

  9. I am definitely a fan of green! BTW, I just found out that Calico Corners will send large fabric samples for $7.00 and check out their modern fabrics section…VERY fun prints…I think they have some that will look absolutely fabulous on these chairs..SCORE! Great find! Can’t wait to see what you decide! BTW, check out my blog if you get a chance…I just did a posting on my favorite color a couple of days ago…guess what it is? Yup, green! LOL! Have a great, blessed weekend…

  10. I love the green print, and think it’s no accident that it’s similar to the fabric in your blog’s banner… The pattern repeat is probably mid-size which would look great on those pretty chairs. Can’t wait to see final results!

  11. Hi Julie,
    How about the bird print but do incorporate a black and white stripe print to brake up the green color fabric outdoors. This will create a fun accent element against the birds fabric and complement the backing lines of the chair.
    Loving your Blog!

  12. Hi Julie,
    As a fellow interior decorator, I sympathise with you on “doing” your own home. I seem to have no problems making decisions for my clients but when it comes to my house I am torn and lost and confused and excited and soooooo slow. I say go the birds just because it will be unexpected and I do like a sense of humour especially for the outdoors.

  13. Have I said that you are all the best! Thanks so much for the comments. Tough decision. I did consider piping them. The green birds with turquoise piping could be great.

  14. Like others have said, the bird print is pretty sharp looking. I LOVE black and a true green together so that would be my pick. If you really want a solid then I’d almost pick a solid fabric in the shade of green used in the bird print. It’ll be lovely regardless though so you can’t go wrong.

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