Amy Maas

I stopped into Jules Place, a local art gallery yesterday. She represents some amazing artists from around the country. I find it’s sometimes tough to post photos of artist’s work because they lack the depth that the pieces have in person. Amy’s pieces are full of texture and have a high gloss finish. They’re gorgeous. I especially love some of her purple pieces, they’re unexpected and over sized. Here’s a bit about Amy’s process. I love the idea of painting to different types of music. 

Amy Maas:

“The new series is called “soundtracks”. Painting to music has always been integral to my work. I need the music to clear my mind – to make room for my thoughts and emotions to express themselves. by combining my two great loves of music and painting, I am able to concentrate and lose myself in the moment. I decided to paint to music I listen to this time, instead of using it as a background. Therefore each painting is a direct result of an actual soundtrack I listened to while painting.”

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