al fresco + ginger jars

One of my favorite pleasures is dining outdoors. The weather has been perfect this month so we have been working outdoors and prepping the yard for entertaining. An easy way to add dimension and beauty to your outdoor table is to fill an array of blueware vases and ginger jars with gorgeous blooms. You can easily change the mood by adding subtle or brightly colored flowers. For a dramatic look, choose larger ginger jars and tall arrangements, for more intimate settings a selection (in an odd number) of small ginger jars would look beautiful and function well. This idea is simple but one of my favorites. 
* If you are opting for larger arrangements, limit the number. It’s always nice for guests to be able to see one another across the table. 

This is a sun porch but Ruthie is too good not to post! (Ruthie Sommers)

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