Ahhhh Jenna!

It’s a funny thing “change”, it is bound to come at one time or another in all of our lives. Whether you are the impetus for it or not, only we are solely responsible for deciding how we choose to harness the energy from it. Do we cling to hope and create a new, better version of our existence and selves or do we let fear control our thoughts, mind and heart!? The scary yet wonderful thing is, you get to decide. This is where your strength lies during the uncertain and uncomfortable moments on this crazy roller coaster ride we call life. 

I’m guessing both J.Crew and Jenna needed a change. Hell, she was with the same company for 26 years and has been given a ton of credit for turning the uber preppy, buttoned up company of the 80’s + 90’s into an ultra accessible and stylish power house! Jenna is a top three style icon for me but not only is she a fashionista, her work ethic and business sense is an inspiration too. Her fearless and innate ability to mix high with low, old and new, edgy with chic is genius. I would not be lying if I stated over half my wardrobe is made up of J.Crew finds. This is exactly what I aim to do with my wardrobe and designs! Jenna we will miss the hell out of you at the helm of J.Crew and can only hope the company will continue to deliver fabulous frocks. What’s even more exciting is to see where you end up next, something tells me you have a another trick or two up your sleeve!! Cheers and good luck! We’ll be watching..Let’s take a peek at the fabulousness of Jenna Lyons!!  (I’m sure every blogger I admire is doing the same today) Stay tuned tomorrow for a peek of my creative space! xoxoxox

HELL YES!!! My Dad taught me this at a young age. Thank god!! I was scared as hell and with two babies but I was able to leave my marriage when I had to get out because of these words of wisdom!

The color palette in my house was inspired by this image!

Word to this!

Her office

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  1. What an inspirational collection of photos of her. You can really see how she has charted the course for fashion–not haute couture but the stuff 99% of us wear, from casual to professional to even dressy.


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