A decorative + functional detail

 Design is ultimately all about the details, whether they are functional, aesthetic or a combo, designers are constantly trying to create functional spaces that enhance our client’s life and home. (that’s my goal!).

Often times I come across a design challenge based on the technicalities of the room or space. For example: heating and venting – this is a biggie. 
My goal is to blend the two challenges…In this case a wonderful solution to the venting or heating dilemma is using metal mesh or a beautiful grille. Below are some gorgeous examples. I usually find the solution enhances the design and I use it again in the future, even when I don’t have an issue. The look simply becomes a part of the design experience! 

One of the best facets of my job? Devising endless design ideas and possibilities! I’m off to Boston for a couple meetings….Happy Thursday! xx

Van Dykes is a great source for mesh..


This screen is used as both a decorative and functional element. It helps contain the glassware but leaves the shelf with an open look.

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  1. Need!!! Having beautiful looking storage is exactly what I need in my small home – right now things are stuffed into not so chic bookshelves. I'd love pieces like these!

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