21 days

I recently read that to kick a habit you needed to last 21 days without breaking it! I have been on a mission to save some money {for my chic little bungalow by the sea, remember?}. I’ve been doing pretty well, {even while in NYC last weekend} but my goal has been to last 21 days without buying anything superfluous, say like a new lip gloss or my fiftieth tank top from Target.

I actually could really use some new clothes, especially some Spring items. I figure if I do save some extra cash, I’d rather put it towards two great pieces, then ten “not-so great pieces”. When I make it to “21” actual days, I’ll let you know. My Spring fashion muse? Is Olivia Palmero {I know I posted her image last week} but she’s always tied together classically with a bit of a edge. {just my kind of style really, not too out there or but not too conservative}

Happy Weekend!!

12 thoughts on “21 days”

  1. Love this look. A little bit of insight on the 21 days thing…your hypothalamus controls all habits and addictions and it takes 21 days to reset that part of the brain…I swear it works!! Keep it up and you will be relaxing in those shoes in your bungalow soon. Have a great weekend!

  2. I totally agree with you on saving for 'two great pieces' rather that 10 not-so-great pieces….As for Olivia Palermo…she's easy on the eyes..in't she ;)..make that down-right gorgeous..and those silver shoes…not many could carry those of!! All the best for whatever is left of your 21 days!!!

  3. i agree with this completely! i have given up bagels and the first couple weeks were hard (i used to eat them 2-3 times a week) but now, i don't crave them.

    good luck with the savings!

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