I rang in 2014 with change! I purchased my little house and moved in last December. I spent a good part of this year renovating it……I’m so close to being finished!! Eek. I’ve done it on a budget and am pretty happy with the results! 2015 will bring the finished product photos (I got a new camera for Christmas!!) and a slew of other goodies! Thanks for your patience. 
In the past I’ve posted a “what I have learned” segment on New Year’s Eve. Tonight I will do the same but I am keeping it short and sweet..Before I share my list, I want to thank each and every one of you for the support, comments, and emails this year! Wishing you a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year!! xoxoxo

I’ve had some pretty crazy things going on in my life over the past five years. There was a question on Family Feud (yes, I watch it!) the other night: 1 being not so much, 10 being YES : Would your life make a good reality series? My life the past five years? Yes! an 8 for sure…In any case I have learned a ton about myself and here’s what I’ve been thinking about lately.

1. NEVER take your health for granted, emotional or physical. I’ve had a few scares this year. Though they ended up being minor (thank goodness). I did have three surgeries and a biopsy. My advice here: Wear sunscreen religiously and visit your doctor once a year for a check-up! Don’t mess with your health….Also, never be afraid to seek help if you’re feeling crummy.

2. Count your blessings! It really is the small things that bring happiness.

3. Think positive. Negative energy not only brings you down, it brings everyone else around you down.

4. Make time for activities like exercise, blogging, cooking and reading. These things keep me grounded. Sometimes I feel like I am losing or could lose my mind. I think most of you can relate.

5. No-one is perfect but if you can find someone to love you and all your quirks unconditionally, it’s a wonderful thing!

6. Anger is a waste of time..Letting go and forgiving is freeing!! (Do let your self get angry, I’m just saying try not to hold onto it for a long time!)

That’s my list…short this year compared to past years…but it perfectly sums up what I learned in 2014. Happy New Year!!

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